Are Microgrids the Answer to CRE’s Power Struggle?

Are Microgrids the Answer to CRE’s Power Struggle?

The number of microgrids at U.S. commercial real estate properties has jumped in recent years driven by the desire for greater sustainability, resilience and electrification. And the growth is expected to continue as extreme weather events escalate and aggressive corporate decarbonization goals loom.

Microgrids are typically a solution for energy-intensive properties, like data centers, industrial, advanced manufacturing, healthcare, retail and critical infrastructure. These localized power systems, composed of distributed energy resources like solar panels, battery energy storage, wind turbines, diesel generators, or natural gas-fired microturbines, can operate independently or be connected to the grid if the state or local grid experiences external pressure...


RSK: More and more micro grids will be the norm as energy hungry data centers expand across the globe. Should take some pressure off the regular grid.

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