Common Council approves rezoning for Hilldale expansion

Common Council approves rezoning for Hilldale expansion

MADISON, Wis. -- An expansion at Hilldale Shopping Center is one step closer to becoming reality after city leaders approved a change to zoning in the area to clear the way for construction.

Madison`s Common Council approved changing the property at 702 North Midvale Blvd. and 401 North Segoe Rd. from a General Development Plan district to a Specific Implementation Plan district.

According to plans submitted to the city, the development plan includes the addition of three new buildings to Hilldale -- a single-story retail store with 14,354 leasable sq. ft., a three-story retail and office mixed-use building with 47,524 leasable sq. ft. and 234 surface-level parking spots, and a retail and residential mixed-use building with 7,638 sq. ft. of leasable commercial area and 100 residential units totaling more than 87,000 sq. ft...


RSK: Always has been my all time favorite mall in Madison. It is a NORC...or Naturally Occuring Retirement Center and this will only add to the venue...more food and hospitality as well as housing.

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