The Columbus, Ohio, Warehouse Boom

The Columbus, Ohio, Warehouse Boom

our days a week, Mahamed Elabe wakes up in the early afternoon and packs a lunch he`ll eat at midnight. Then he drives half an hour to his job on the night shift at an e-commerce warehouse east of Columbus, Ohio, where he picks, packs, and ships orders for people shopping at Lane Bryant`s and Ann Taylor`s online stores.

Eight years ago, Elabe, 54, was living in a refugee camp in Kenya after fleeing violence in his native Somalia. Now Elabe, an observant Muslim who wears an ankle-length kameez tunic and an embroidered skullcap, says he, his wife, and their two teenage children live a life in America he describes as "easy."...

RSK: Very interesting both on a real estate perspective and the workers that drive the engine at the base level.

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