Why the Return-to-Office Plan Remains a Challenge

Why the Return-to-Office Plan Remains a Challenge

A new study shows more leaders and workers increasingly embrace a return to the office. But leaders need to know their people before they make their office plans.

The hybrid office is here to stay, if workers have any say in the matter. But how hybrid? And how much say?

Those are a couple of the questions that emerge from a recent nationwide study from Building Owners and Managers International about the effect of COVID-19 on commercial real estate. Though an overwhelming majority of respondents polled this past summer—86 percent—say that office space “is or will be vital to conducting a successful business,” there’s a lot of wiggle room in terms of how remote work will happen in that context, and what that office space will ultimately look like...


RSK: Very interesting study. There is no right or wrong mix here, just each individual company has to do what works for them... but it will definitely be somewhat of a hybrid...

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