WeWork Offices Are Now Just as Full as They Were Before the Pandemic
WeWork management has maintained that more customers are drawn to its flexible office space offering as they attempt to figure out long-term real estate strategies in a new world of hybrid and remote work. It now has 62,000 subscriptions to its All-Access pass.

(Bloomberg)—WeWork Inc. said offices were 72% full at the end of the second quarter, matching the occupancy rate from before the Covid-19 pandemic in late 2019 for the first time.

WeWork’s occupancy rate — the percentage of its total desks that were rented out — dropped dramatically during the first year of the pandemic, when many tenants canceled their rental contracts and decided to work from home. That metric hit its low point of 46% a year later...


RSK: Two things here. First being at high occupancy and losing $604 Mil says something isn`t right. Secondly, the demand for some sort of office space even if you work remotely is strong....very strong.

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