Remote work ate your vacation. ‘The lines between work and life have become increasingly blurred’
Last month, Stephanie Sanders was on a beach in the Outer Banks on a family girls’ trip with her mother, grandmother, and niece, but not even the cresting waves of the Atlantic Ocean could wash work from her mind.

She blocked out two hours on two mornings of the vacation to take a few client calls and comb through emails and Slack messages with her team...


RSK: I would be in that group that likes to check emails in the morning and respond to critical ones and then recheck later in the day. As stated...that way, when I return to work from vacation, I`m not overwhelmed and feel like I am still in the flow of things.

Ken Notes: I have to laugh, I am putting this newsletter together from and off grid campsite in Door County. Cell phone hot spot and all battery - and it is WONDERFUL!

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