The city’s Odana Area Plan is starting to unfold. Here’s what it could look like.
With several development proposals making their way to Madison City Council, the city’s Odana Area Plan, which passed in September last year, is starting to unfold.

The Odana Area Plan boundary encompasses a large plot of land on the west side between the Beltline Highway, Mineral Point Road and University Research Park — an area 73% larger than downtown Madison.

It is primarily made up of offices and retail developments surrounded by large parking lots, which the city found can increase traffic, decrease pedestrian and bicycle activity and reduce the effectiveness of transit...


RSK: Like any neighborhood development, there will be NIMBY`s and some are legitimate concerns. What they need to fix is the merge lane coming off Whitney Way going North and turning left onto Odana Rd going west...short room to merge and it instantly becomes a bike lane. Not sure who thought that one up.

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