3 warning signs that the US economy could be headed for a downturn this year

The US economy is still squarely in recovery mode, but there are some seriously big bumps in the path forward.

While the jobs rebound is nearly complete, spending sits at record highs, and worker pay is still climbing at a stronger-than-usual pace, there is one weak spot: Thursday`s disappointing first-quarter GDP decline. However, the scary headline number was also largely powered by temporary factors, like a dip in demand for US exports and a slowdown in businesses restocking their inventory.

  • The US is charging toward a full economic recovery, but there are still some flashing warning signs.

  • Supply-chain issues, the labor shortage, and inflation all present major risks to the rebound.

  • Here`s how each of these risks could derail the recovery and even spark a new downturn.

RSK: Many reasons for the inflation spiral...and raising wages to attract workers is one fueling the fire. Interesting article. Like humans must consume and spend dollars to be equal to everyone else....what happened to saving?

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