Are Office Workers Happy with Hybrid Work Schedules?

Some studies indicate hybrid work can be a challenge, as well as being a convenience.

Over the past two years, flexibility in work location has become an expectation rather than a perk. Many employers have embraced the hybrid work model in an effort to pacify employees who want to work remotely, satisfy employees who want to come into the office and accommodate those who want the best of both worlds.

Pre-pandemic—in February 2020—about 1.25 percent of all professional jobs offered hybrid work opportunities, according to Ladders, an online job search platform. By February 2021, it was about 1.5 percent. Today, more than 5.0 percent of all professional jobs are based on a hybrid work schedule. That represents more than a 350 percent increase in just two years...


RSK: Very interesting study. I guess there is no one perfect work scenario but many, depending on the individual. I believe it is safe to, hybrid work environments are here to stay.

Ken Notes: Every employee should take a Myers Brigs personality survey and they will understand what type of environment best serves them. Employers will also learn that no single environment will fit the needs of all employees.

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