Everything’s a WeWork Now

Years after the coworking giant’s highly publicized decline, its principles have permeated traditional offices and unlikely work spaces alike.

The SaksWorks coworking space in Greenwich, Connecticut, tucked inside what was once a Saks Fifth Avenue department store, feels like a well-appointed library where no one reads: fireplace, overstuffed couches, and large potted plants. When I visited on a Monday in March, the books lining each wall—grouped by color, not theme—made an appealing backdrop for my afternoon Zoom meeting. There were a few rooms I could have booked to make a more private call, but the space was so sparsely populated that it hardly seemed necessary...

RSK: The office of the future is here now...today! i guess workers need an incentive to go back to the office...then than a pay check.

Ken Notes: I do see the new office being a better destination, great coffee, amenities, social spaces, high tech meeting space, cloud computing, and more...

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