A third of small retailers can’t pay rent as financial struggles spike again
The financial and operational challenges posed by the pandemic have not been felt in equal measure by retailers. The largest companies with the deepest pockets have by and large fared better than their smaller counterparts.

Indeed, many of the largest retailers have enjoyed record sales and profits despite social distancing, supply chain bottlenecks and a host of other disruptions over the past two years...

Dive Brief:

  • The share of small retail businesses that couldn’t make rent rose to 34% in April, up six percentage points from February, according to survey data from Alignable.

  • Those surveyed cited inflation, including gas price spikes, supply chain issues, labor shortages, reduced revenues and increasing rent. Of those small businesses surveyed by Alginable, 46% said their rent was higher than six months ago.

  • Trouble making rent varied from state to state. Across all industries, New Jersey, Illinois and Maryland had the largest share of small businesses that couldn’t pay. Other states, including New York and Texas, saw improvement in businesses’ ability to pay

RSK: Sounds bad on the surface but it isn`t all doom and gloom.

Ken Notes: I wish we had used the low interest rates to call a time out on the economy rather that throw Trillions away helping some who did not need help, helping others who should have failed, and failed to help many who really needed our support...

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