Is tipping out of control?
Consumers were eager to tip in the early stages of the pandemic to support local establishments, but tipping fatigue has reportedly set in.

One reason is because tipping has moved well beyond full-service dining to cafes, bakeries, yogurt shops, food trucks, juice bars and fast-casual or quick-service restaurants. Major chains including Starbucks, Panera, Five Guys and Sonic offer tipping options.

Newer POS technology that encourages tipping is particularly making tip requests more pervasive. Payment through touch-screen tablets often offers tip options of 15, 20 or 25 percent – or “no tip.” Similar tipping options are offered when paying through mobile apps. In some cases, the minimum tip on mobile POS starts at 25 percent.

RSK: I believe tipping should be relative to the experience you receive or expect to receive. I also like the idea of rounding up your charge to go towards a tip. Your bill is $27.33 and you say "round up" and an automatic goes into the tip pool of $.67. If everyone one does that it creates a base....and you can always add more to that if you wish. HY-Vee does this for their charity drives and it is easy simple and convenient.

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