Bye Bye Birdie? Will Elon Musk Take The Twitter HQ To Texas Following Buyout?
Following the news that Elon Musk has agreed to a deal to purchase Twitter for $44B, the question has become, will he move the corporate headquarters of the social media giant to Austin, Texas, as he has done with Tesla and The Boring Company?

Though earlier this month Musk suggested turning the San Francisco headquarters into a homeless shelter, an idea which has attracted the attention and approval of other billionaires such as Jeff Bezos, Musk’s history of broken promises and undelivered big ideas has created uncertainty about the likelihood of such a move. Twitter leases its headquarters at 1355 Market St. and 110th Street, which are owned by JPMorgan Chase and Shorenstein, as noted by the San Francisco Chronicle, limiting Musk’s ability to alter the intended use of the properties. 

RSK: This will be interesting to watch and see how it develops. Musk marches to a different drummer.....and I like that.

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