New Jersey’s single-use bag ban will soon take effect. Are stores and shoppers ready?

The ban, which includes both paper and plastic bags, is one of the strictest in the country.

New Jersey shoppers are in for a major bag alert next week—not from DJ Khaled and Migos, but their local grocery stores.

Come May 4, the nation’s strictest carryout bag ban will take effect, barring all retailers in the state from distributing single-use plastic bags, and grocery stores bigger than 2,500 square feet from offering paper bags.

    So no, the iconic Trader Joe’s paper bags aren’t an exception…but those plastic bags for produce and ones for wrapping uncooked meat are.

The ban was signed into law in November 2020, but is going into effect nearly 18 months later to give stores enough time to prepare...

RSK: Get use to will spread across the country. Start stocking up on reusables now.

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