Return-to-office is driving Gen Z to quit
Companies who are demanding workers back at the office every day may actually see their workers join the Great Resignation instead. It may especially be a challenge to get Gen Z workers to work in person all the time.

That`s based on survey findings from ADP Research Institute. The new report, "People at Work 2022: A Global Workforce View", included results from a November 2021 survey of over 32,000 workers in 17 countries. The countries surveyed include the US, ??India, and the Netherlands...
  • Employers who want to see their offices filled again could see some workers quit.

  • Sixty-four percent of workers around the world said they would think about a new job if they had to go back full-time.

  • Younger workers are especially inclined to quit over returning to the office, according to a survey from ADP Research Institute.

RSK: I think the younger Gen Z who had just entered the work force around the time Covid hit, never saw the value in office relationships. They found it easy to sleep in a bit rather than commute and then work from home. Now that employers want them back in the office, they do not want to. Habits form quickly and die hard...

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