Amazon Crushes Building Materials Supply Chain, Sends Shockwaves Through Construction Industry

“Sorry, I can’t help you. Amazon has bought everything in production for the next six months.”

That is the response Andrew M. Smith, president of Dallas-based McRight-Smith Construction, got from a national supplier of steel joist and deck materials when he set out to build a medical office facility in the Dallas-Fort Worth area last year. Despite placing the order 20 weeks in advance, the supplier quoted a lead time of at least 40 weeks, causing Smith to seek out a smaller company to fabricate the materials by hand. That alternative pushed the cost from $65K to $99.5K while shaving 24 weeks off delivery time, he said...

RSK: Squeezing out the smaller players.

Ken Notes: ...and Amazon still does not sell appliances, larger equipment, cars, and their own building supplies...

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