`Slow-Moving Train Wreck’: Getting Back To The Office Isn’t Going How You Think It Is
In the barrage of return-to-work news coverage, Kastle System card swipe data — which measures the percentage of employees entering the office versus pre-pandemic levels — has widely been viewed as the throbbing pulse of recovery.

And in the last few months, the patient has shown new signs of life, said Kastle Systems Chairman Mark Ein, with national average office occupancy up to 43% — a 50% jump since the beginning of the year.

But when asked what separates the firms successfully enticing workers back, and those that still lag, Ein said it comes down to marching orders...


RSK: I think the author hit it on the head when when on of the interviewed people said "Employees want flexibility, but they don’t just want that, they want autonomy"! I think it is here to stay...

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