How Corporate Real Estate Makes an Impact on Cities, Work, Life

While alternative work settings are gaining new prominence, office buildings will maintain their vital role.

Often lumped into the broader category of commercial real estate, corporate real estate (CRE) refers to a company’s management of its real property assets—offices, warehouses, manufacturing plants, data centers and other elements of the built environment.

CRE is a profession, a skill set and a knowledge base at once distinct unto itself and significantly intertwined with more well-known corporate functions such as human resources and finance. While functions within CRE range from the mundane (real estate tax strategy, sale leasebacks) to the sexy (shiny new downtown corporate headquarters, jobs!), the profession has an immeasurable impact on where and how people work. And that has a correlative effect on the broader picture of how cities are and should be designed.

From cubes to open floorplans...


RSK: The days of cubicle farms are gone and the Metaverse is next on the horizon.

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