Texas Offers A Sneak Peek Of What Return To The Office Might Look Like
With cases of the omicron variant on a downswing and mask mandates lifting, companies that delayed bringing workers back to the office for two long years are starting to bite the bullet. And nowhere has been more successful in bringing employees back to their desks than the Lone Star State, where major cities in the Texas Triangle — Austin, Dallas and Houston — lead the nation in office returnees, offering some lessons learned and a look into the crystal ball about how things might shake out for the rest of the country.

The short version: Things will likely level out at a 55%-65% return rate and only on some days, the claim the office must be a more appealing place than home is not hype, and friendly design and culture will be more than buzzwords going forward...

RSK: Another good case of being flexible and using hybrid work, Those that want to go to the office daily can, those that wish to work from home for a few days can. It will work itself out as most things do.

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