‘We’ve Had Outrageous Demand’: Flex Operators Benefiting From Office Market Shifts
Flexible office operators WeWork and Launch Workplaces said they experienced strong growth last year as the hybrid work shift led office tenants to seek more flexible options. Experts believe that demand will continue to surge in 2022, and they see traditional office landlords adopting some of the amenities and other offerings that have made coworking spaces popular.

Mike Kriel, CEO of Maryland-based Launch Workplaces, said he`s seeing interest from plenty of first-time tenants, in addition to building owners looking to emulate the amenities and flexibility of coworking space...

RSK: There will be many conversions to flex space since the supply of regular old school offices is a plenty. Only bright side is, if you own buildings with small office suites, their is a demand for that. Work from home (WFH) people need to get out of the house periodically.

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