First Look: Check out Bloomingdale’s new small-store concept

Bloomingdale’s has opened its first-ever location under the “Bloomies” banner.

Located in the Mosaic District lifestyle center of Fairfax, Va., the 22,000-sq.ft. store offers a highly curated assortment of contemporary and luxury brands, tech-enabled stylists, convenient services and an on-site restaurant with indoor and outdoor seating.  ( (By comparison, Bloomingdale’s department stores  generally average 150,000 sq. ft. to 200,000 sq. ft.)

The store experience interprets the iconic Bloomingdale’s aesthetic in a fresh way, with new design concepts to drive customer discovery and highlight rotating trends. Unique carts are positioned throughout the space, showcasing fresh finds...


RSK: We will see how this turns out. I like the idea. As a guy, I want a quick in and out. I want to be able to try clothing on and I want quick and easy returns. I think women like the romance of shopping more than us men.

Ken Notes: The new challenge in retail is the number of SKU`s you need for each item, trying to have every size and color is a huge challenge as things get smaller...

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