Bisnow`s 20 Most Popular Stories Of 2021

Reading through Bisnow’s top 20 most-clicked stories of 2021 is a bit of a journey through the anxieties of commercial real estate. The struggles of malls, return-to-office conundrums, construction costs and what a Biden presidency might do to beloved CRE programs dominated this year’s list — and remain issues that look to loom large again in 2022.

But some say you must face your pain to overcome it, so grab a drink and take a trip through the stories that resonated most with readers this year.

20) Retail Owner Misses Debt Payment Days After Prepaying Executive Bonuses

19) After A Year Of Working From Home, The Covid Office Shakeup Is Just Getting Started


2) Signs Of Lumber Bubble Bursting Offer Relief To Developers

1) D.C. Claims Eminent Domain To Seize Infamous NoMa Wendy`s Site


RSK: Wow...a couple of good ones here...especially looking back in time hindsight is everything.

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