Leisure and hospitality workers are quitting their jobs at more than twice the record national average

Coronavirus is likely still driving some Americans to quit their jobs, especially in industries that involve lots of close interactions with other people. This includes the job positions that make up leisure and hospitality.

Americans continued to leave jobs in September. Overall, 4.4 million Americans quit that month, and job openings dropped to 10.4 million. Daniel Zhao, senior economist at Glassdoor, told Insider that "normally job openings and quits move together."

  • September was another month in the "Great Resignation" as the US quit rate hit a high of 3.0% — with 4.4 million leaving their jobs.

  • Restaurant and entertainment workers in particular are quitting at high rates — more than double the national average.

  • Glassdoor`s Daniel Zhao said the US is seeing "Delta-induced quits" as workers in "COVID-sensitive" industries leave.

RSK: I do not think Covid is the main reason here....just the tipping point. I see people treat these workers with very little respect and are often insulting to them. That is more of a driving force to me.

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