Majority Of U.S. Employees Skeptical About Return-To-Work Plans
As many employers push back deadlines to return to the office, employees are growing less confident in their company’s return-to-work plans, a new survey suggests.

The findings come as many of the country’s big-name employers are still weighing how and when to bring employees back to the office, with companies like Google now looking at a return sometime in 2022.

A survey released Wednesday by workplace analytics company Humanyze found that 63% of the nearly 2,300 employees who responded lacked full confidence that their company’s post-pandemic workplace strategy was the best for employees. The results represent a significant rise over the 46% of survey respondents who felt the same in April, Humanyze noted...

RSK: If you are vaccinated and not compromised health wise, why wouldn`t you return to work? You have a better chance of being in a car accident on the way than from getting a serious case of Covid. I think many people just inherently do not want to work very hard.

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