A 20-year truck-driving veteran explains why the solution to the supply-chain crisis is in sight but greed is getting in the way
Companies know how to solve the supply-chain crisis, a truck-driving veteran said, but they just don`t want to pony up the cash.

Nearly every element of the US supply chain is stretched too thin. Key ports are badly congested, with a historic number of cargo ships waiting to unload containers. The mess boils down to "pure supply and demand economics," Ryan Johnson, who has been a truck driver for 20 years, said in an October 27 Medium post. As the economy reopened, Americans flush with pandemic savings unleashed a wave of pent-up demand that has swamped the supply chain.
  • The US doesn`t have enough drivers to solve the shipping crisis because of greed, one driver said.

  • On top of higher pay, companies must accept smaller profits in the port business, he said.

  • Firms` prioritization of profits created a workforce "that will leave in a heartbeat," he added.

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