There`s a straightforward way for businesses to attract young workers in a competitive labor market: affordable childcare
As a labor crisis continues to hamper US businesses, access to affordable childcare could bring millions of workers back into the workforce.

Access to childcare was an issue before the pandemic, but the closure of daycare centers and shift to working from home exacerbated the problem. As Hannah Matthews, deputy executive director for policy at the Center for Law and Social Policy, recently told The Wall Street Journal`s Kathryn Dill: "The pandemic worsened the realities of child care in this country."
  • Millions of people are "missing" from the workforce because they`re home providing childcare.
  • But bumping up pay or offering bonuses isn`t fixing the labor shortage.
  • Companies need to offer better benefits, specifically childcare, to lure more workers, experts say.

RSK: This is one way but definitely not the only way. Many young workers are male, many women at that age do not have children. But it would help...

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