Office Owners Embrace Wine, Golf and Karaoke to Keep Tenants

It`s all about the amenities race in New York`s post-COVID office market

Some New York landlords are leaving nothing on the field when it comes to keeping their offices viable in the post-COVID world.

At 730 Third Avenue, a 27-story, 666,000-square-foot tower in the Grand Central Terminal district, owners Nuveen Real Estate, asset manager for financial services company TIAA, aren’t taking any chances. In addition to the Gensler-designed outdoor terraces and the food hall and the fitness center that are now de rigueur for Manhattan skyscrapers these days, they’re trying bees and golf....

RSK: I say whatever it takes especially if it promotes workers well being.

Ken Notes: I have been writing about this for TEN years. When EPIC first came to Verona (I was on the City Council) and they outlined their concept for an office that stimulates better output I thought this is going to catch on. In fact it goes back to the 80`s when I read a story about the original Macintosh computer merging hardware and software after a volleyball game between the two divisions...

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