3 signs the US economy roared in October and started to leave the Delta wave behind

Temperatures are dropping across the US, but in one crucial way, it`s feeling a lot more like summer.

The US economy is booming once more after the Delta wave slowed the recovery through August and September. The comeback through October is "far outpacing" the progress seen the month before, UBS economists said in a Monday note.

The degree of the rebound is also extraordinary. Such month-over-month improvements have only happened about 20% of the time historically, the team led by Ajit Agrawal said.
  • Several signs suggest the US recovery is accelerating again as the Delta wave fades, UBS economists said.

  • Americans` spending is rebounding, factories are solving backlogs, and businesses are hiring faster.

  • The recovery through October is "far outpacing" the progress seen in September, UBS said.

RSK: But why did they not include inflation in this commentary? It is evident at the pump, grocery store and restaurants and not coming down anytime soon.

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