Dogs In The Office: The New Normal We Didn`t Expect

How do you dog-proof an office? Can you even let dogs in without breaching your lease?

There was a time, not long ago, when such questions would have been absurd. But no longer.

The boom in lockdown puppy purchasing — at least a quarter of which was impulse buying, according to the Kennel Club — has left a legacy of as many as 3.2 million recently acquired dogs across the UK, and the big problem of what to do with the four-legged friends now that many owners have returned to work...


RSK: You all know that I am a dog lover and have always had rescued Golden Retrievers. But I can say this idea may need some major modifications. Not all dogs love other people and especially other dogs. Unless you have a mellow one who is well trained and gets along with others not a good idea. It would be better to rotate days when certain dogs come in than a haphazard who brings who in on any given day. You may even need a trainer who can see which dogs get along with which ones. This needs some deep thought and planning to have this in a work place that won`t become a major distraction.

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