Federal Budget For `Made In America` Manufacturing Could Mean Even More Industrial Demand

In its proposed fiscal year 2022 U.S. federal budget, the White House allocated $600B in funds to support the creation of U.S.-based manufacturing jobs. The administration intends to support the initiative by establishing stronger product sourcing requirements to compel companies to build and source their materials in the U.S. 

The plan includes funding for the Made in America office, created by executive order in January, which will work with other federal agencies to ensure allocated funds are spent in the U.S. While it`s unknown how much more demand this provision will create for industrial space, commercial real estate experts say any focus on reshoring manufacturing has the potential to further heighten industrial space demand...


RSK: This may put a strain on the current inventory in this sector. Good time to be in it, however.

Ken Notes: We need to focus on two thing one demand for American products, Two trade balance with the countries with whom we do business.

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