Opinion: Those $300 pandemic checks aren’t the only reason restaurant employees might not want to go back to work

Right now, anyone willing to work in a restaurant in the United States could probably pick a city, style of food and price of the cuisine, and a job would be waiting. But upward of 1 million of those positions are going begging, leading to a bitter debate over the reasons.

Business owners point to the extra $300 a week in jobless benefits that are part of the American Rescue Plan for a covid-ravaged economy. The implication is that the benefit has allowed those who worked in restaurants before the pandemic and were thrown out of work to basically freeload on federal assistance even though businesses are reopening across the country.


RSK: I think this article and op-ed hits home. So many restaurant workers are treated poorly not only by patrons but by other staff and management. Many have found other types of employment where their work is better compensated. These people are the front line and the marketing part of the restaurant. They have to wear many hats and it isn`t easy to wear them all with some patrons. Management needs to recognize this. People often judge a restaurant by the service more so than the food.

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