Watch now: Madison making big plans to redevelop area around East Towne Mall

Madison is pursuing a future for the sprawling East Towne Mall area with much more housing, denser retail, high-rise office buildings, new streets and, maybe one day, replacing some or all of the mall.

The emerging Greater East Towne Area Plan, covering an area roughly the size of the Isthmus, will provide guidance on future land use, housing, economic development, parks and open space, transportation and more with the intent to shape a complete new neighborhood.


RSK: Good to see that Madison is planning for the future around these Malls....lots of land and empty buildings to work with. The problem is can developers make it work cost-effectively? Right now with construction materials at an obscene high....not sure they can. This may be a bit too ambitious...but at least it is a start.

Ken Notes: Sounds like a destination to me....

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