What happened to the $45 billion in rent relief?

Rent relief was the solution to a possible wave of evictions. It ran headfirst into reality.

Everyone agreed that rent relief was the only way to stop a wave of millions of Americans from being evicted.

The logic was simple: Give people who were struggling during the pandemic the money to pay their rent, and landlords would have no reason to evict for nonpayment. That simplicity, and the remarkable unity from the landlord lobby and tenant advocates alike in calling for this type of relief, led Congress to allocate $25 billion in rental assistance in December. Less than three months later, in early March, they allocated another $21.55 billion for the same purpose....

RSK: This is sad indeed. Now, with the labor shortage, I would think people could land a job paying $15 to $20 easily if they want to work and make ends meet. Too many nuances in this to know the total answer.

Ken Notes: We failed to call time out for ONLY those who lost income. I have to ask a question to our readers, what did you do with your stimulus checks???

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