Web Exclusive: Multifamily hotel hybrids new option for hoteliers
As the occupancy rates around the country have dropped due to the pandemic, hotel owners and operators are taking a look at new ways that they can fill their rooms. Many of them are beginning to look at adding multifamily residential units to their properties to guarantee that they always have spaces occupied.

With many condominiums and luxury apartments adding more hotel-style amenities, it just makes sense for hospitality properties to extend their offerings to the renters who want them...

RSK: I see this as an option for many hotels that will be coming into the market. Not sure if existing Hotels can retrofit and have it make economic sense but it just might pay off.

Ken Notes: I wonder if Rooms could be converted into more affordable small housing for a very niche tenant looking for small affordable lifestyle housing. We always are trying to build what we would live in and fail to realize other may not want that.

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