There’s Been a Shift From Selling Office Space to Selling Experiences

Granite Properties exec Will Hendrickson says while the office provides the ideal space for collaboration, it has to be an inviting place where employees want to be.

Companies like Amazon have been reshaping consumer expectations around speed and convenience for years, and the pandemic has only escalated this trend. Remember when 2-day shipping seemed fast?

Now it’s same-day delivery, grocery delivery, or food delivery from just about any of your favorite restaurants (margaritas included). You can order it all and pay for it easily with your smartphone. Convenience is catchy, and the consumer is increasingly demanding more speed, flexibility, and a higher level of customer service. Once you experience this in one aspect of your daily life, you start to expect it everywhere else, including our industry....


RSK: This is what tenants want in their office space. Good synopsis.

Ken Notes: Do Ralph and I get any street cred for talking about this pre-pandemic. Both retail and office will required a destination experience to get people out of the home. Also for the record people want to get out of the home, we had a house guest this weekend and every event we visited was full. Music, food, shopping, and work is about the experience...

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