Jamie Dimon says working remote doesn`t work for young, ambitious, and engaged staff. He might have a point.
As businesses decide what the future of the workplace will look like, including whether employees will need to return to the office, two prominent CEOs have voiced concerns.

During The Wall Street Journal`s CEO Council Summit on May 4, JPMorgan CEO Jamie Dimon said that working remotely "does not work" for young people or "those who want to hustle."
  • JPMorgan`s and WeWork`s CEOs said remote work doesn`t work for young and engaged employees.

  • Research shows there might be some benefits to spending time in an office.

  • But it`s possible to stay engaged even while working from home.

RSK: Seems like the younger ones need the socialization of working in person rather than remotely.

Ken Notes: One more time, it is not an age thing it is a personality thing...

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