Grubhub launches commission-free direct ordering platform for restaurants

Grubhub Direct will help restaurants launch their own ordering websites, loyalty program features, and give operators access to customer dat

Grubhub announced Wednesday the launch of Grubhub Direct: a commission-free direct ordering platform for operators that is designed to encourage restaurants to become more independent, particularly in the technology, delivery, and marketing spaces.

The platform will let operators design and set up direct ordering through their own website (either with in-house delivery drivers or by using Grubhub’s drivers), set up loyalty/rewards programs, and access consumer data. Grubhub is also offering order management services and product support from their team...

Direct Order Toolkit: Your newest Grubhub benefit


RSK: Data mining can be useful. Grub Hub is becoming more of a marketing firm rather than a delivery business....the thing is the delivery is what makes them money at the moment. That may switch.

Ken Notes: This market will change exponentially post pandemic. I think Grubhub and others are trying to anticipate this...

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