Second Life for Shipping Containers: Selling Bao, Gyros and Baked Goods

The brightly colored steel boxes are being repurposed by developers in an effort to liven up bars, cafes and restaurants inside food halls.

To drum up publicity for his downtown Indianapolis food hall, Craig Baker posted photos of orange, turquoise and hot pink shipping containers on Instagram. They might seem like an odd way to promote a food emporium and culinary incubator, but the steel boxes piqued locals’ curiosity.

“They’re very much like Legos, right?” Mr. Baker, an entrepreneur and a chef, said of the shipping containers inside the AMP, an artisan marketplace and a former utility garage where vendors will sell PB&J sandwiches, Ethiopian cold-brewed coffee and chocolate-covered strawberries coated in edible glitter...

Ken`s Kink

2016 - Repurposed shipping container will debut as a bar at Breese Stevens


RSK: Love adaptive use but I see them in housing more so than commercial..... but commercial does have its pluses as well.

Ken Notes: Breese Stevens Field has some very nice shipping container buildings, and by the way soccer is back with 1,500 in attendance!!!...

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