Simon CEO says Americans are experiencing ‘euphoria’ as they return to malls
Simon Property Group CEO David Simon offered answers to analysts yesterday that were one part optimistic and another cautious on the prospects for the company’s malls this year.

Mr. Simon, speaking on his company’s first quarter earnings call, described a shopping atmosphere in which consumers are experiencing “some level of euphoria” as they return to malls to shop.

He did not fully jump on the optimist bandwagon, however, pointing out that consumers are returning in significant numbers in some locations but not in others. He specifically called out activity at Simon properties in California and New York that he is hoping to see pick up as the pandemic comes under further control and as international tourists return to the U.S. to shop...

RSK: I wouldn`t quite say euphoria. Also, restaurants wanting to come into malls in high demand? Don`t think so but what do I know.

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