Advocates worry about an eviction crisis as 2021 approaches without a stimulus deal
Welcome to the Covid Economy, CNBC Make It’s deep dive into how the coronavirus pandemic is impacting all areas of our lives, from food to housing, health care to small business. We’re focusing on North Carolina, a swing state that has seen rapid economic growth — and growing inequality — since the last recession to learn how residents are weathering the economic consequences of this once-in-a-lifetime health crisis.

When eviction protections put into place by the CARES Act expired over the summer, Josie Williams was deeply concerned about what it would mean for the estimated 300,000 to 400,000 North Carolinians struggling to pay their rent...

RSK: This is going to be a tough call. Will need to see what the options are. No one wants to put someone out on the street.

Ken Notes: Did we learn nothing from the last time, we need to use the banks we bailed out to keep our economy afloat while we battle the pandemic. We should be investing in offsetting interest for those missing payments rather than trying to make the payments with stimulus. Interest per 100K is 3K or less -- payments are 5K to 7K. What am I missing???

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