Worried about airborne transmission of COVID-19? Here’s what restaurants should be doing to sanitize indoor air in the dining room

Experts and a San Francisco operator discuss the next level of safety protocols restaurants face to curb the spread of COVID-19

Since the pandemic hit in March, restaurants have been focusing on curbing the spread of the deadly coronavirus by expanding sanitation of high-touch surfaces, adding barriers between tables, creating more outdoor seating, wearing masks and implementing strict distancing protocols.

But now the industry faces one more safety challenge recommended by health officials: cleaning indoor air.

“We’re turning the air over several times per hour in the room,” said Marc Zimmerman, chef-owner of GOZU in San Francisco....

RSK: Every little bit helps but not sure it will stave off the virus other than making it a little less potent.

Ken Notes: We have Covid burnout and many just want a nice dinning experience, it seems they are willing to roll the dice especially if they are healthy. UV-C or air handlers are are almost a marketing rather than safety play at this point.

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