Hotels struggling under Covid-19 must pivot to alternate sources of revenue
The coronavirus outbreak has punished most property types, but the two that have been the hardest hit are, without doubt, retail and hospitality. Even between those two classes though, things are uneven. While retail spaces have been hammered by missed payments and widespread obstacles to shopping, the sector has a number of contingencies working in its favor. The national chains and local specialty stores alike are capable of selling much of their inventory via delivery or pick-up. Service providers who rent retail space, like gyms or restaurants, are in many cases moving their services outdoors. And for niches like groceries and household goods, there is a fundamental retail truth, too: People still need food and toilet paper, outbreak or not.

RSK: Looking like any port in a storm at the moment, but make sure it is not a rocky shoal in the long run. Hospitality needs to be creative yet cautious in the long run.

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