Cities in the South and Midwest are paying people to move in: Here’s how it’s going

Several U.S. cities are paying people to move there as remote work takes off due to the pandemic.

When the coronavirus pandemic hit, Katrina Otuonye was living in Seattle. But six months after the city shut down, she relocated — and the destination she chose confused some of her friends. Otuonye moved to the Shoals, a region in northwestern Alabama she had never heard of until this year.

“Alabama? Really? Are you sure? I’ve been getting a little bit of that,” says Otuonye, who works as a copywriter. “I think for some people there’s a lot of misconceptions about the South and the people that live here.”...

RSK: Instead of businesses it is getting workers to relocate since many jobs have become remote you can live anywhere these days. I think Wisconsin might have to pay workers to stay especially from Dec. through March. Maybe a tax incentive?...

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