Co-working Gets a Boost as Professionals Seek Workspaces Away from Home

Demand for flex office space on an as-needed basis is the fastest growing product line for many co-working operators.

More and more professionals relegated to working from home amid COVID-19 restrictions are seeking changes of scenery and quiet, nearby workspaces away from family life or roommates two or three days a week. As a result, many co-working operators have tweaked their offerings to feature on-demand, flexible space options or are repackaging and promoting existing pay-as-you-go plans to meet this increasing demand.

“This (on-demand space) isn’t a new phenomenon, but since March the (flexible office) market has been tilting toward on-demand and new package options are being aggressively promoted to meet current market needs and drive co-working occupancy,” says Mark Gilbreath, CEO and founder of LiquidSpace, noting that his company has offered space on-demand for nine years. “What’s new and improved about on-demand is the package deals,” he adds.

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