Life Sciences Real Estate Sector Getting Big Boost from COVID Research Demand
ccording to CBRE, the pandemic has accelerated momentum in the U.S. life sciences industry, particularly amid the race to produce a COVID-19 vaccine and develop other medicines for human ailments. The sector, which has reached new highs this year in R&D employment and venture-capital funding, is seeing a surge in demand for life sciences real estate in markets from longstanding centers like Boston to emerging hubs such as Pittsburgh.
The decades-long expansion of the life sciences industry, which accelerated with the mapping of the human genome in 2003, has pushed vacancy rates for lab space near all-time lows in many markets, fueled rent growth and spurred new development that, nonetheless, still isn`t keeping pace with demand...

RSK: We are lucky to see some of this here in Madison thanks to the presence of UW!

Ken Notes: We need to market the Madison region as a leader in Life Sciences, we have one of the only wet lab coworking/startup spaces in the world...

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