Kroger brings ClusterTruck ‘ghost kitchens’ on-premise for meal delivery

Supermarkets in Indianapolis and Dublin, Ohio, house delivery-only restaurant

Following a successful pilot, The Kroger Co. is launching two “ghost kitchens” with partner ClusterTruck inside stores in metropolitan Indianapolis and outside Columbus, Ohio, for on-demand delivery of fresh-made meals.

Unlike off-premise “dark kitchens” or commissaries, the on-premise concept repurposes about 1,000 square feet of space at each store to create a culinary area for ClusterTruck staff to prepare meals for quick delivery and in-store pickup, Kroger said Thursday. Customers can order online from a menu of more than 80 meals...


RSK: Interesting concept but not really new here. Hy-Vee has been doing this for sometime. The advantage over a restaurant is the capacity factor of the large footprint of these grocery stores and the large parking lots.

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