Shoppers Return to Ikea and Other Furniture Stores In Droves
Shoppers are flocking to Ikea and other furniture stores even more than they did last fall, new foot traffic data shows.

Although the number of visits to Ikea stores nationwide fell from May through July compared to 2019, foot traffic to the Swedish furniture giant rose 8 percent year over year in August, according to retail analytics firm The number of visits only rose more in the first few weeks of September, increasing 10.9 percent year-over-year between Aug. 31 and Sept. 21...

RSK: I find this very interesting. There are some things you just need to touch and feel in person to verify your purchase. Plus, it is hard to return a large sofa that was bought on line. I was thinking last week I have not seen any Bob`s Furniture commercials in a long time and then wham...saw several the next day.

Ken Notes: Amazon wants into this market and will need regional distribution "stores" to accomplish this. My crystal ball suggests they will eventually acquire a major retailer with affordable brick and mortar. Kohls??

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