How Bed Bath & Beyond Reversed Its Comparable Sales Slump
Crank “The Final Countdown” and stretch for some stair sprints. It’s time for a turnaround montage, courtesy of an unlikely home goods retailer.

Bed Bath & Beyond reported its comparable sales rose 6% in the three months ended August 29—the first time the all-important metric has increased at B-cubed since 2016. Its e-comm sales jumped 89%.

Right place, right time. Anyone in the redecoration biz is enjoying a quarantine boost, Bed Bath & Beyond included. Across retailers, housewares sales increased 28% in the three months ending in August, per the NPD Group...

RSK: This will make a few women happy and me as well. That store is so much more than Bath...the Beyond has a lot going for it. Hope they continue to slug it out and keep up with the creative shopping experience.

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