Fazoli’s turns ghost kitchen chicken wing concept into permanent brick-and-mortar menu addition

From dark to light: Fast-casual chain used its restaurants as dark kitchens to test virtual brand Wingville; high demand and ROI results prompt Fazoli’s to add chicken wings to core menu this week

Following a successful test of using its restaurants as dark kitchens for a delivery-only product, Fazoli’s is adding chicken wings to its brick-and-mortar menu starting Sept. 30.

The fast-casual Italian chain has been experimenting with chicken wing concept Wingville for more than a year. During the pandemic, the brand expanded the test to nearly a dozen locations, using its restaurants as “dark” or ghost kitchens to prepare the virtual restaurant brand. Restaurants selling wings saw sales increase by 11%, the Lexington, Ky.-based company said....

RSK: You will see more and more of this. Less labor, less brick n mortar some restaurants just might make it out of the pandemic.

Ken Notes: We could learn from Canada here, many morning bakery and coffee shops become evening pizza places. A lot or multiple use concepts exist. My favorite is the coffee shop / sauna...

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