Behind the growth and shifting nature of the pet industry
When it comes to their pets, many Americans are more willing than ever to pull out all the stops to keep them healthy and happy. In fact, the pet product industry has seen year-over-year spending increase 450% over the last 25 years, and consumers now spend $49 billion annually on pet food, supplies and treats, according to data technology company SPINS.

Today’s pets are being treated more like members of the family, and along with that comes shifting ideas about the types of products people purchase for them.

“The humanization of pets has been the status quo for several years, but this mindset of pets plus people plus premium preferences is driving today’s trends and shifts,” said Amy Kerr, director of client development for the pet industry with SPINS...

RSK: The pandemic has greatly increased the adoption of dogs and cats as well. This in turn helps boost this industry....I know first-hand...our pups are like kids to us.

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